Neaux Excuses

Neaux Excuses embodies the quintessence of luxury, merging timeless elegance with a relentless pursuit of perfection. Born from a vision to create more than just accessories, Neaux Excuses is a lifestyle, a statement of uncompromising quality and unparalleled design for the discerning individual. Our collections of bags and purses are crafted from the finest materials, each piece a testament to the mastery of traditional craftsmanship and the allure of contemporary aesthetics. At Neaux Excuses, we believe luxury is in the details. Every stitch, clasp, and curve is meticulously designed to not just meet, but exceed, the expectations of our clientele. Our brand stands as a beacon for those who live by the ethos that excellence is not an option, but a standard. Our products are not merely accessories; they are companions through the journey of success, symbols of achievement, and badges of honor. Rooted in a philosophy that merges functionality with sophistication, Neaux Excuses caters to the modern achiever who demands both style and substance. We draw inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of life, infusing our creations with a sense of purpose, durability, and timeless appeal. Neaux Excuses is more than a brand; it is a commitment to living without compromise, where every day is an opportunity to be exceptional. Welcome to Neaux Excuses, where luxury meets ambition.

Made in Italy
Neaux Excuses by Coty Rizan

The feature edition

An amazing limited edition and unique design


NE Trainer 1's

Contemporary sock runner
Made in Italy
This sporty slip-on sneaker definitely captures a contemporary look


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Authentic Italian manufacturing

Each design is meticulously constructed by a skilled network of selected Italian artisans, there are no finer hands in the field. The handcrafting and the materials, are state-of-the-art.


Permanent collection

Our Collection is an inspiration from Southern Culture but also a great Classic look.

Custom crafted
Made in Italy

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About Coty Rizan

Coty Rizan, the visionary founder and owner of Neaux Excuses, has carved a niche in the luxury fashion industry with a blend of entrepreneurial spirit, innovative design, and a steadfast commitment to quality. Born into a family with a keen sense of artistry and business acumen, Coty was exposed to the world of fashion and entrepreneurship from a young age. This early immersion sparked a passion that would later fuel the creation of a brand synonymous with luxury, elegance, and a no-compromise attitude towards life and work. Educated in some of the world's leading institutions for fashion and business management, Coty honed his skills, blending creative design with strategic business practices. His education was complemented by internships with iconic fashion houses, where he gained invaluable insights into the luxury market's nuances and complexities. These experiences shaped his understanding of luxury as not just a product but an experience, a philosophy that would become the cornerstone of Neaux Excuses. In founding Neaux Excuses, Coty sought to challenge the status quo of the luxury accessories market. He envisioned a brand that stood for more than just high-end materials and craftsmanship; he wanted Neaux Excuses to embody a lifestyle of ambition, success, and the refusal to settle for mediocrity. Under his leadership, Neaux Excuses quickly established itself as a brand with a unique identity, known for its innovative designs, meticulous attention to detail, and a compelling story behind each collection. Coty's approach to business is deeply personal. He is involved in every aspect of the brand's development, from product design to marketing strategies, ensuring that Neaux Excuses remains true to its core values. His leadership style is characterized by a mix of creative freedom and rigorous quality standards, fostering an environment where artistry and excellence thrive. Beyond the world of luxury fashion, Coty Rizan is a vocal advocate for sustainability and ethical practices in the industry. He champions the use of sustainable materials and ethical labor practices, striving to make Neaux Excuses not just a leader in luxury but also in positive global impact. Coty Rizan's journey with Neaux Excuses is more than a business venture; it's a manifestation of his belief in the power of ambition, the beauty of art, and the importance of leaving no room for excuses on the path to excellence. As Neaux Excuses continues to grow, Coty's vision remains clear: to inspire, to innovate, and to invite the world to embrace the luxury of living without compromise.